It's far too easy to give up as a Mumpreneur. We get it, taking care of home, family, and the idea of running a business can be overwhelming!  That's why we've created the MIBA VIP membership space!  This space offers everything you need for building the life and business of your dreams!

MIBA VIP contains the following collections all for £23 per month and is updated on the 1st of every month with new content.

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What's included?

157 Videos
9 Texts
108 PDFs
1 Audio

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What subscribers think of MIBA VIP

Mercedes Gale

Course was mind blowing!

Really easy to go through, no pressure, no quizzes or tests! Very laid back, just complete when your ready. Full of actual relevant information that i can put into practice now! There were bits i didn't need and bits i had been dying for so i'm gl...

laura bland

Creating Engagement - Loved it

Short and to the point, lots of useful tips. Many of them I have followed in the past and they really do work to help boost engagement and also your followers.

Laura Jane Maton

Blown Away!!!

I am amazed about what I didn't know about insta stories!!!!!! This was AMAZING!!!!! So many tips and just nice to be 'shown around' the whole process and what all the extra decorative things you can do are!!! Loving it now! PLUS all the backgro...

nicola panton

Eye opening.

I’ve learnt so much on this course. It was a big eye opener on what I was doing wrong and I’m so glad I can now use these tools to improve my business. Thank you MIBA.

Kimberlee Barker


Typing a review is an insult to this course! Dread! you need to join and see for yourself! Since joining, the information has: doubled my profits, forced me to upgrade from a sole proprietor to a company, hire staff and motivated me to go internat...

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